A1 Auto Consultant Usa warrants this transmission for 60 days, unless an extended warranty was purchased, subject to the condition and limitations set forth below.

 1.Transmissions are warranted to be in good working order, and A1 Auto Consultant Usa will warrant against slippage shifting problems or noise.

2. Improper installation will void warranty. All overdrive, lock-up, and front wheel drive transmission MUST have adjustments set by qualified transmission shop immediately upon installation or warranty will be void. All automatic transmission must have the converter installed all the way into the front pump before the transmission is installed in the vehicle.

3. All transmissions must have new pan gasket, filter, front & rear seals, external o-rings, and new oil.

4. Standard shift transmissions with broken teeth will not be warranted.

5. A1 Auto Consultant Usa will not be responsible for any expense incurred, including towing, or rental car due to a warranty problem.

6. A1 Auto Consultant Usa agrees under this warranty, to supply the parts to transmission in the event the transmission is proven to be defective. A1 Auto Consultant Usa under this option, may supply another transmission, repair the transmission in the vehicle, or refund the purchase price of the transmission, providing the previous steps in this warranty were followed.

7. In the event no comparable transmission is available within a two-week period, A1 Auto Consultant Usa will refund the original price of the transmission with no further obligation. The customer may at this point, opt to upgrade to a rebuilt transmission and pat the difference in price between the used transmission sold and the price of rebuilt.

8. A1 Auto Consultant Usa certified shop must do all the warranty work, or permission granted to do work at another shop MUST be granted by A1 Auto Consultant Usa.

9. All warranty claims must be submitted to A1 Auto Consultant Usa within a 60-day period of the purchase date to be valid, or within the extended warranty period, starting from the purchase date.

10. A1 Auto Consultant Usa has the sole authority, at its best discretion, to repair or replace the transmission, or refund the transmission cost.

11. The buyer agrees that no other remedy including, but not limited to incidental or consequential loss, property, or any other types of damage shall be available to the buyer.

12. Warranties on any product sold shall be in effect only during the duration of the express warranties

13. The warranty is void without customer’s copy of Invoice and a copy of this warranty.



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